Andrew Yang Plays 4D Chess in the ‘Game of Drones’

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Entrepreneur and Democratic Party candidate for president, Andrew Yang.

Picture yourself running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Now picture that you’re perhaps the least well-known figure within the most diverse field of candidates ever to vie for the chance at America’s highest public office.

How would you plan to stand out?

If you were to think like most politicians then you would try to play ‘the game’ — you would try to win the nomination. That’s the point after all. Right? Attack the current pack-leader. Make sure to tout your most applaud-garnering taglines. Brag about how your record shows you are the clear choice to take on Trump for the 2020 presidential election whilst debasing everyone else’s credentials.

And like most of those on that debate stage, you probably wouldn’t win the nomination.

Question: after watching CNN’s second night’s debate, does anybody remember much of anything that Michael Bennet…

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Game of Thrones: You Either Meme or You Cry

While the Internet has been inundated with Game of Thrones fans — irate, despondent, critical of the show’s poorly written ending — I figure I’ll instead share how one of T.V.’s greatest series helped me.

Yes, season 8 might have been a narrative disaster, but to cope with the utter lack of satisfying plot conclusion, I turned my insanity to memeing, especially during finals grading. Here are my favorite memes that I created during those long dark hours of illogical character “development” and unfulfilled prophecy explanations (check out my full thoughts on our latest podcast episode!). Valar showghulis.


Have Fewer Opinions

Shut it

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“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment” -Rumi

Thunk Tank Podcast Episode 48-Have Fewer Opinions

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How do we solve climate change? Oh and what’s your opinion about the situation in Syria? What’s the best way to cook an omelet? Also is the earth really flat? Okay I think I can confidently answer that last question, at least I’m pretty sure I can get most of the way there. But the point is that it’s far too easy to feel like we should have an opinion on everything. We want to be relevant and weigh in on important issues, but what do we really know? For the past few years, especially as I started paying more attention to politics, a feeling began…

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Beach Clean Basics

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