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“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment” -Rumi

Thunk Tank Podcast Episode 48-Have Fewer Opinions

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How do we solve climate change? Oh and what’s your opinion about the situation in Syria? What’s the best way to cook an omelet? Also is the earth really flat? Okay I think I can confidently answer that last question, at least I’m pretty sure I can get most of the way there. But the point is that it’s far too easy to feel like we should have an opinion on everything. We want to be relevant and weigh in on important issues, but what do we really know? For the past few years, especially as I started paying more attention to politics, a feeling began…

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Beach Clean Basics

Ever wonder what you can do to help save our planet? There’s plenty — starting with learning beach cleaning basics! Check out my brief new video chronicling my experiences — and advice — on what to bring with you and what to expect to find. Please share your own stories and tips as well! Together we can reverse the plastic pollution tide!

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The Core Values of Teaching

From my colleague at Thunk Tank Podcast — some very useful insights for both students and teachers!

Thunk Tank Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, we discussed our ideas surrounding the philosophy of teaching. Joe has had many years of experience as a college professor, and I have been teaching private music lessons for over ten years. Through these lenses we explored the core values that we think are shared between all educational pursuits. We also got a chance to tell the many ridiculous and funny stories that we’ve encountered over the years.

I think in our current times of the “Trump era” (with blame from across the political spectrum), it is clearer than ever to me that we need to check in with the importance of education. It has a crucial role in creating a future world with competent, balanced, compassionate, and wise human beings. But it has to be done thoughtfully and correctly. I think no matter what kind of teacher you are, it is worth checking…

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Ghosts, Spirits, and the Paranormal: How to Approach the Supernatural with Healthy Skepticism

Thunk Tank Podcast

Is it rational to believe in ghosts and the paranormal? What is the right balance of skepticism and openness to have on a topic like this? In this weeks episode of the Thunk Tank Podcast, we cracked open some craft beers as usual,got silly,and tried to get to the bottom of the whole ghost phenomenon. Continue reading below for the full details of what we discussed. You’ll also want to listen to the episode to find out some of the less commonly asked questions about ghosts (do they eat? poop? do they get horny?…).

-Luke from Thunk Tank Podcast

As we were sitting at a bar spitballing ideas for future podcast episodes, the topic of “Ghosts” caught my attention right away. Similar to the topic of conspiracy theories, the world of the…

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