Published Works

Short Fiction/Articles/And More:

“Coloring In” – My latest flash fiction piece about the importance of questioning the value of our roles in life, published by Garo for spring 2018.


“And You Realize You Wander With  Glasses” – A lyrical, non-fiction essay about searching for happiness in the sea of life, published in the Eastern Iowa Review‘s Summer 2017 issue. (You can also listen to my audio recording of the story here!)

“Local Psychic Makes Good” – My first feature article, interviewing a well-established psychic  medium on Long Island’s east end, published in The Independent.

“Golden Delicious” – My first published short story featured in BlazeVox‘s Fall 2012 issue.

Full Length Works:

American Dreamers

Thrilled to share my latest novel, American Dreamers, now available in ebook and paperback! Please click here to check out this preview and consider buying and sharing if you enjoy this telling tale of a group of young friends trying to navigate the propagandist puppet show we all know so well as the “American Dream”.  American Dreamers is a story that reveals as much about ourselves as it does the characters acting out the play of modern American life. Click here to preview now!

A Cup O Joe

Craving a cup o Joe? Go no further! Sit back in a cozy spot, relax with a steaming cup of coffee by your side, and enjoy my offering to you: the chronicle of 365 days in the life of one writer, one dreamer, one Americano Joe. Click here to enjoy in ebook form!

Pulse Of Poetics

Front CoverPulse of Poetics is a fictional anthology series of modern poetry relevant to the lives and times of all contemporary readers. POP includes over 40 poems selected from all over the world. Whether you’re reading the graffiti art of an anonymous New York City author or the last song of a Kung Bushman tribe, POP never fails to engage, entertain, and enlighten audiences of all varieties!

Click here for the Second Edition Paperback available

Click here for the Second Edition eBook for Kindle available