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Thunk Tank Podcast is a collaboration of educators, artists, and craft beer brewers. We discuss the finer things (and drinks) in life, from, well, craft beer, to everyday life struggles, to the meaning of existence and our place in the cosmos. Yeah, you’re going to want to crack a cold one with us.


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And You Realize You Wander With Glasses

Check out this original narrative creative non-fiction piece “And You Realize You Wander With Glasses”. Originally published in print this past summer, you can now enjoy these words as they are meant to be shared: via audio format with accompanying images of this work’s inspiration. Enjoy!14716292_10100730613472382_3655738992666404430_n

“And You Realize You Wander With Glasses” was originally published in the Eastern Iowa Review 2017 Issue 3: Lyric Essay Issue 3. You can order a print copy here!

Coffee Seminar: A Cup of Life Lessons

RhetComp @ Stony Brook

Teaching and learning comes in many forms – in this anecdote, Stony Brook University Writing and Rhetoric’s Joe Labriola explains the scholarly value of his end of semester fresh pour over coffee seminar!

The end of the semester is a time of substantial stress – for both students and teachers alike. The former often find themselves immersed within panicked, self-insomnia-forced study sessions, while the latter face the alternate side of the finals madness spectrum: grading. We writing teachers in particular have our work cut out for us. A crude calculation will reveal that on average, one can expect to grade over 350 papers in little more than a two week period, easily totaling at least 2,000 pages.

Now that’s no small beans.

Luckily for us, beans come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly, flavors. And so, enter the coffee bean: our warm dark friend and savior. There’s a long-form…

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To Save Writing

Please click here for our petition – and if you agree – sign and share!

I normally use this blog for personal musings on everything from shower oranges to anecdotes about teaching; however, every now and then a much more serious issue captures the stage.

Long story short, the administration of the school where I teach, Stony Brook University, is indiscriminately eliminating ALL of their adjunct Writing Program faculty. I urge you to please read, sign, and share this petition in protest against these wholly unjust measures to both the faculty – and more importantly – the student body we serve.

Sometimes I truly worry if this is the beginning of the end of the humanities. But then I think: not while we have a chance to do something about it!

Top Ten Out of Context Quotes From Today’s Student Conferences

*Note: All quotes are – for better and worse – my own words.*

“I’m a jerk, not evil.”

“Is the fire alarm really going off right now?”


“Good luck with the philosophy.”

“Shoot some pool for me.”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Okay…I can ignore the body paragraphs.”

“I gave up on that in second grade.”

“If I had written that sentence down, you would have seen the comma.”

“I always wanted to gamble at a church.”

Do you have any favorite out-of-context teaching quotes? Please share!