Top Ten Most(?) (Im)practical Teaching Fears…

For teachers and students alike, as our school year stress ramps up, it’s important to keep our anxieties in check – at least those we can control. While there are many shared fears among us as humans, we all have those specific to our relative lots in life as well – in my case, as a teacher.

My hope is that by shedding light on these phobias, perhaps they’ll lose some of their anxiety-inducing luster? Here are my top ten most(?) (im)practical teaching fears. (Note that while these aren’t in any specific order, some of them have come true. Can you guess which ones? Comment below!)

1. Wearing the wrong shoes to class – and by ‘wrong’ I mean wearing my morning Crocs sandals instead of some form of professionally acceptable footwear.

2. Wearing mismatched shoes to school. Yes, you read that italicized bastard right.

3.  Forgetting to wear shoes at all…

4. Forgetting to wear a belt.

5.  Forgetting to bring the lesson plan.

6. Bringing the wrong lesson plan.

7. The old unzipped fly.

8.  Getting a student’s name wrong who you call on.

9. Leaving class because you have to go to the bathroom.

10. Forgetting you have class altogether and sleeping through your alarm clock’s best blaring attempts.

What fears among these do we have in common? Do you have others? Please share!


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