Top 12

The top 12 differences between London and New York:

*note: these are the observations of one observer over the course of several days over which time said observer (said observer assumes) experienced less than 1% of the unique and enchanting sights, sounds, smells, etc. that the merry city of London has to offer its guests from across the pond; but anyway, as said observer noted, these are some of the more intriguing observations made by said observer.*


Tower Bridge as seen from London Bridge

1) When they say, “Mind the gap,” they really mean it – I’ve stumbled off trains and onto platforms up to two feet lower!

2) Americans are generally and distinctly better looking – but maybe it’s just me.

3) The subway (aka “the tube”) has cushioned seats, is practically odorless, and has trains that run seemingly ten times more often than NYC subways.

4) When Americans don’t like you (particularly NYers) they either ignore you or get right up in yo face; beware, the English instead may snootily passive-aggressive you to death.

5) Chinatown is Chinatown.

6) Without tourists the population would probably be about 17 people per square metric whatever unit.

7) Bathroom stalls have lockable doors, but you’re lucky if you get a troth for a urinal (also, you must pass through no fewer than two doors to enter a bathroom, and I’ve found myself panicking my way through as many as six).

8) You swipe your subway card when you leave the subway station.

9) There are telephone booths that I think might actually work – they have telephones inside them at least.

10) The only street food seems to be those delicious, warm-smelling street nuts; but no pretzels, hot dogs, or gyros – the angst!

11) London Bridge is a paltry thing next to the Brooklyn Bridge, although the Tower Bridge is certainly a proper river crossing.

12) Oh yeah, and they drive on the wrong side of the road (although the streetlights also turn yellow when changing from red to green so perhaps they know what they’re doing after all…).


A London street corner.



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