On My Hundredth Blog Follower

Dear Fawning Masses,

     It’s taken me more than three years, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally reached the illustrious one hundred blog followers mark.

     That number sounds a lot prettier than the reality of this purely virtual world achievement – if it can even be credibly called such a thing. I suppose we have to celebrate something though, like all of my fellow Long Islanders partying for St. Paddy’s day right now. May we live free of snakes forever.

     One hundred followers ain’t no chump change, but it’s still a far off figure from what number I’d really prefer. A hundred bucks is great, but a thousand is always better (and ten thousand will be even better, once I reach a thousand, of course). But let’s not get too carried away right now. That won’t be for at least another three hundred years or so at this rate.

     Still, I appreciate all those who have spent any number of their precious life seconds to read any part of my ramblings over the years. I hope it’s helped even just someone in some small way.  So before my droning prose scares me back down to ninety nine followers, I’ll take some time now to thank you all in (generalized) person. Thank you all, for our time, I hope sometimes well-shared.


Thank you mom and dad and brothers and sister.

Thank you aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.

Thank you Facebook friends, and tweeters, and…myspace ghosts…

Anyway, thank you teachers and classmates.

Thank you ex-girlfriends.

Thank you my one and only love, [insert name here].

Thank you coworkers and acquaintances.

Thank you fair weather friends and even friends gone foe.

Thank you calculating rivals.

Thank you teammates and friends of friends.

Thank you complete strangers and interweb skulkers.

Special thanks to all of you whom I’m forgetting at the moment. Please forgive me.

And a much warranted thank you to my fellow bloggers.

Thank you, the casual blog surfer.

Thank you the dedicated daily poster who found one of my posts one day.

Thank you all who followed because of a picture, a word, a phrase, a thought.

Thank you all who themselves are also really just searching for how to say what they mean to say.

Till A Thousand Followers,


Joe Labs


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