Time’s Anecdote

One clear summer afternoon at a park down by the bay, while I was eating lunch with a friend, he told me that he was worried about death.

I laughed, and asked, “Why?”

He said because he didn’t know what came after. All he was certain of was that the end was coming.

“So?” I asked.

So?” he repeated. “It will all be over.”

“What will?”

“Everything,” he said with a frown. “Life, love, fear, hope, doubt, pain, joy – it will all just be over.”

“So?” I asked again, still not sure what his point was.

“Well doesn’t that bother you?” he said with a stare. “Aren’t you worried? To lose everything? To lose your hold on life?”

I paused, thinking for a long moment about what my friend had just said. “As far as I remember, I wasn’t alive for most of time’s time. I guess we’ll all just be going back.”

“Going back where?”

“I don’t know…” I said, truly unsure of the right answer, “but look at the two of us now. How the hell did we end up here?”


8 thoughts on “Time’s Anecdote

    • Yes it is, but I like to think of life as a chance that we often think too much about instead of just taking advantage of the time we have. After all, if you worry about, “How the hell did we end up here?” you might waste your time without ever answering the more relevant, important questions.

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