Some Small, Meaningful Calculations


I’ve ridden my bike for business purposes for about 100 miles so far this summer.


My car gets about 30 miles per gallon.


So far this summer I’ve saved about 3.33 gallons of gas.


So far I’ve saved 13 dollars so far this summer, and 50 pounds of CO2.


At least I’m trying.




9 thoughts on “Some Small, Meaningful Calculations

  1. I am working on riding all the way to work. Is only 3.7 miles it Is mainly uphill. My challenge is that I am about 200 pounds over weight. Yesterday I made it halfway. Soon I will be making it all the way my goal is to ride all the time. Excluding when it snows.

    • Awesome! Can you imagine if everyone woke up today and just decided to not eat meat for one day or ride or walk to work if possible? You could topple industries and shake the international oil market in a day.

  2. Hi Joe, just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our recent post on bungy jumping in Japan! Much appreciated! Never underestimate the small things we do to make a difference, combined they can change the world 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s the idea. I was actually half-dreaming this morning in limboland and was thinking about trying to figure out how much waste I’ve avoided since becoming a Vegetarian/part-time Vegan. I wonder…but yes, it’s all about personally doing what you can and building from there.

    • Don’t feel bad! It’s just like you said, it’s great to try. Hell, me inspiring just you to ride more isn’t gonna do a whole lot, but people forget about their personal responsibility to do what they can and should. At least you and I tried to help!

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