By Joe Labriola


Maybe because we’re human?

Maybe because we’re wrong?

What matters?


It’s not that vague –

for God’s sake, or not.


Either way, we’re all born as a spark in the darkness; that kindles into warmth, grows, and then flares into flames. Roars on for a while, stretching our ember limbs. Some spark other fallow brush; other unlit sparks in this wide forest of darkness. All from that first spark in the darkness.


This life – this universe of ours – started like all of the rest. We flicker and fight and grow, until finally, all of our tinder is ash; our breath smoked out into the starry eve. Then we sputter. We simmer and shrink. We sigh from flame, fading until the cold rest, which bears no thought or remorse.


But we remember. We remember that final wind too heavy for failing light to live. But hopefully by this point we know where we are going as much as we know where we came from.


It’s an admittance. There lies the secret.


There lies the truth.


With you always; from now until forever.







2 thoughts on “Gravitas

    • Thanks! I tend not to write so abstractly, but sometimes I find it necessary to do so, especially when it’s the best way to address a subject.

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