A New Year’s Prophecy

Once, within one time, there was a man.

It was the year 2111.


This man had a machine. A time machine.

In 2111, this was possible.

This man was just a man though,

and so when he went to escape to times long past,

he miscalculated his calibrations,

and instead of a trip to the summer shores of 15th century Long Island,

he ended up in 1811 Germany.


A small miscalculation.


He ended up in a young farmer’s field.

Naturally, the young farmer wondered and asked who this stranger was.


The man explained to the farmer about the century to come.

He thought it’d be funny,

and make time go by

while he worked his recalculations.


The farmer could hardly understand this foreigner’s strange science fiction story.

The farmer asked, in broken English, “vut iz a telephon?”

Just as the man completed his recalibrations,

and was gone again.



The man reappeared,

one hundred years later,

on that same farm

in 1911.


The farmer’s great great grandson

found the stranger in his great great grandfather’s field.


Again, this newcomer spoke of the century to come.

Had he plugged in the numbers wrong?

Or titled the axis incorrectly?


The farmer spoke much better English than his ancestor had.

A young fellow, who had just finished grade school

in the year 1911.

He asked what in the world an atom was?

And how could a net connect across continents?


But then the stranger was gone again.



But he returned,

once more,

one last, frustrated time,

as far as I know.


He reappeared on that same farm,

in the year 2011.

A young farmer came up to the stranger.

He was a polish fellow.

A second-generation immigrant

working the German family’s field.

He was young, but well spoken in several languages,

with a Bachelor’s in Arts,

and in Science.


The vacationer wondered what he had done wrong

yet again.

Another mere miscalculation.

He could be on his way now.

But first, he warned the young farmer of the century to come.

It was the year 2011

after all.


The young farmer would have laughed at the stranger’s ridiculous science fiction tale,

if he’d had any idea what the hell he was talking about.


But before the young farmer could try to understand the stranger,

the man was gone again,

finally to the calm beaches of Long Island in the year 1411 or so.


2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Prophecy

    • Thank you. I wonder what happened to him as well. I certainly suspect it’s possible that the natives rejected his arrival, but I’d like to think he escaped to a peaceful life. Either way, it’s a great question in addition to the otherwise contemporary question on who we are, right?

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