Act Now for Great Holiday Savings!

Dear friends!

As we all know, the holiday season is right around the corner. I know that I’ll be taking advantage of the great holiday savings the second that Walmart opens its dealing doors at 10pm Thursday night. This turkey will be flying to those sales because there’s nothing like tryptophan-fueled shopping spree to horde all of the imports you possibly can in order to show those you love how you really feel!

But I’d like to present you with an alternative to the long lines, nail-biting traffic, and of course, the rush up and down the aisles we saw last year when stores opened early. There is another way…

You’re lucky enough to be friends with an award-winning author! And it just so happens that this award-winning author’s latest book, The Shipwrecked, is available now, in print edition just in time for the holiday shopping season! This extraordinary tale entrances your heart and hopes for 150 thrilling pages of prose and fantastical poetry.

Act now and receive a 10% discount off of the original retail price! Act before December 14th and enter the coupon code: “BUYMYBOOK305” and receive an additional 25% off! Wow, that sure sounds better than Walmart madness!

So if you’re interested in getting someone you love a heartfelt and unique gift this holiday season, try The Shipwrecked, and save 35% off of the original retail value before December 14th. And if you’re in my neck of the woods, feel free to call or message me and I’ll be happy to sign your copy, because that’s the Joe Labriola promise, and here at, Joe Labriola, we put family first. We’re family people, supporting family people.

Happy and Safe Holidays, All.

Joe Labriola


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