A Day at the Store

A woman strolls down near the daylit pier.

Her wandering search among the wavy grains

leads her into the saltmarsh cordgrasses

under a ripened oak’s graciously bent arms.


She enters through, and on into the autumn gold.

The blowy salesman breathes,

“We have all sorts of shades,

in this lovely time of year.

But please, take your time,

in this lovely time of year.”


She returns with tuft of seedy sea-stalk.

Feathers her toy across the park sign’s stained wood.

She smiles and struts with her new toy in hand,

as she wanders back up the daylit beach sands.


2 thoughts on “A Day at the Store

  1. I’m glad to hear, thanks! I’ve heard a few interpretations of this poem, but the interesting fact is that I saw this exact scene down by the local landing on my town’s harbor. I was fascinated by how unknowingly entranced someone could be shopping for anything of some fancy to their heart. It’s certainly a beautifully sustainable way to enjoy your day!

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