Who Is Lost?

Who is lost?


Are we

– you, I and all the rest –

are we all not the same?



The same cells that make being?


Are we not

– on Gods’ cosmic scale –

all just human hopes?

All just human dreams?

Together within this grand symphony.


Rippling fibers that feed the dark night’s fair flame.


Ten million years back

there was never a man.

Or hope.

Or love.

Or loss by our hand.

Only dreams of the night

– in the thoughts of the weave –

and in the hearts of the beasts

who we used to be.


Dust to dust.

Fair, flaming star dust

to ash spread throughout naught.

So are all our woes both found

and forgot.

Except that we live

– both now and forever –

and never

as we did before

and forever since.


That can’t be forgot.




Who is lost?





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