Those Lovers Past

Now, We got it,

those Romans said.

All, now dead.

They leave us with storied stone –

crumbled rocks –

that look once-great,

and seem like once-loved.



The greatest verse men hope to leave.

Its hearse:

those dreams in broken prints,

in shattered stones.


Our Rome,

Our bricks,

Our tracks,

Our plastic world

not so meant to last.


But We got it now.


Silly things, really.

Our children –

Our loving children

who look back and laugh:

the world was flat,

Earth’s life is sole.

We got it.

They’re laughing at that –

at us now,

at all of us now.


But that’s just fine.

Like us,

they love,

and their wiser children

are laughing at them.


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