‘Bout That Thing You Said

Hear you still fighting that long, old war

the one from way back before – 

way back when the carnival lights

seemed to shine so bright 

to guide you right to where you said you were told –

from that long, old song long ago.




What was its name?


And now so old, you forgot one thing

that that old sad song, ain’t all true how it rings.

You lost the way some long while back,

and still looking ’round like knowing where it has been. 

What a fool – to think you know the rule,

cause even now as those stage lights dim

you stepping up to the line of those rides that spin.


On a stage?


Don’t you all know? Ain’t how it must all go?

This war of dreams can’t have a cause –

not like you humans’ humored laws.

All now that’s left is what’s now left

and if you now turn right you’re doing circles again.

That same carnival ride from that same old song again.


What a time you been having?


What a time you been dreaming?


Just hop right back on –

don’t look back no more,

and let the carnival ride take you out for a stroll.

It ain’t a war, it’s a ride after all.


A ride is all.

That was that thing you were so worried ’bout all that time?


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