Which way

It seems…


How should one know

what fate has in store?


How can we guess

if our soul’s been blessed?


How can one dream

of what only seems?

When one only knows

of how their heart glows.


How can we feel?

When I only see

what feel says must be?


I guess there’s no guess

besides for one’s own

of what you want most

to not be alone.


It does seem this way.


It does seem to me

this truth is fate’s glee:

to know what you know,

and know what you guess,

and know of which way

is which one that’s blessed.


Which way?

Just show me the sign

to sunnier days –

the sign of what seems –

I’ll follow that way.


6 thoughts on “Which way

  1. Is this a typo? “When I only I see”
    Anyway, nice. But Zach’s right. The only fate we have is the loose confines of our molecular structure.

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