A Dream of Stone

He was so the luckiest man alive
because he found what we all desire.
And though he didn’t believe it – at first –
he knew it was real, and how it must feel.

It’s true, he didn’t believe it – at first.
He found what even the jaded dream of.
But the truth is true, and real is really
truth that we choose to ignore or believe.

But this diamond he found was long since cut
into the great piece that he now observed.
And fitted in gold, such a precious jewel
was all that he sought, but could never have

cause it was never his to have or lose,
though he would’ve given all that he had
and everything else he dreamed might be his
to just wear that perfect diamond around
his heart – only his – to know how it felt.

And he’d seen those before that seemed so fine –
so bright, so clear – that seemed to shine so true.
And they were beautiful, but not for him.
The true one he sought fit perfect within.

He cared not of others or what they cared.
This diamond was so truly made for him,
and he made for it, so that if they were
together, their bond would last forever.

But it might as well been a dream to see
such a treasure that was never to be,
and only in heart’s most secret desire
to hold that one dream that sets hearts afire.

He was so the luckiest man alive,
but not because he had what we all want –
because he saw, truly knew, and could now dream
of what he most sought, but would never be.


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