What Is?

What is love
But a state of being –
Of Wanting,
Of Dreaming?

Who was the first of us,
who staring up at the clear night sky,
“I’d love to watch with someone else.”

Who decided that it was better to love than to lust?
Was it cause we found out the truth of our dust?

What is love but a man’s idea?
A dream that can all just disappear?

What is love but a sensiblization
Of sensualization
Of our otherwise grim and doomed situation?
This chaos that swirls and confounds us all.

As we all try not to fall.

What is love but knowing that we’re going together,
Instead of alone?

Instead of living,
And dying,
And lying alone.

How real is all that we feel
To just make the madness seem less surreal?
These delusions,
And Illusions,
And dreams that we share.

Love’s energy
Creates new synergy.
It’s so much better to believe,
Than nothing.

I wish I believed
In delusions,
And Illusions,
And dreams.

Something’s always better than nothing,
Whether or not it’s really real.

I dream

I feel.


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