Hope’s Smile

I thought it best to smile not.
(when viewing what my heart forgot)
Let clouds consume good instinct’s smile,
and not allow naïve beguile.

But something like a warming breeze
stirred through the air and hollow trees,
and lifting up my weary head,
no more I thought, alone, “hope’s dead.”

The smile that I perceived as false,
or else just part of some sly waltz,
was what inspired the wind that blew
inside and bid dark dreams, “adieu.”

The hope that what I see is true
is what we need to see us through.


3 thoughts on “Hope’s Smile

  1. I enjoyed this sonnet very much. Isn’t it wonderful how the world can pull us beyond our despair?

    I’ve felt a desire to write sonnets lately, but I’m not sure where to start —

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