Some Truth

The physical and immaterial
Defines the rift between what’s fake and real.
What we believe to be both live and true
Is just sometimes what heartful minds once knew.

Who was before will once again be gone
Into nothing that spread before the dawn.
Feelings once felt leave no mark of their truth,
Except in those who bear their own-felt proof.

We fight away for what is real and fake,
Hoping one truth will make us truly quake.
And die thinking one truth truly matters.
But hopes, just like gold-glinting glass, shatters.

What’s real is real: all that you are and feel:
The one true truth to which true souls appeal.


2 thoughts on “Some Truth

  1. Hey Joe,

    I was led to this one about two minutes after I channeled the blog message for tomorrow, 6/22. You wrote with succinct beauty about the premise of the “lesson” I was given.

    Keep up the great work!

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