A Lonely Night

By night the light had gone away
behind the veiling clouds of gray.
Not white like love, or pure and true.
And so I saw, and so I knew.

But it shinned so bright even so.
Behind its shroud still it glowed,
that I felt its warmth even so;
even though it could never know.

So it left to some other place.
Off deep into some dismal space.
So alone, I was, left to wait
alone within my shattered state.

So robbed of life and living lost
I found myself at paths so crossed.
And dreaming deep I wished so long
to have the strength to go along.

But when that light arose at dawn,
my heart and soul long since withdrawn.
I still beheld its warming rays
that lit my heart again ablaze.

And for a breath those clouds all cleared
as now my light in full appeared.
And for a breath we shared our rays.
That breath I’ll love for all our days.

But then those clouds appeared in full.
Such shinning sight now dimmed so dull.
And gone again, it seemed the best
to quell the flames inside my chest.

So now in night I wait alone;
in hopes that light will come alone.


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