A Brief History Of American History

We wrote, “All men are created equal.”
Except for slaves, girls, and native people.
And so we embarked on this bold new course
to carve a country through God-given force.

Then we quickly traversed from shore to shore,
and all the while waging native war.
As we couldn’t care less who came before
while carrying out this tiresome chore.

But soon we would learn the ways of our wrong
and wage civil war both deadly and long.
We realized the truth, that all blood bleeds red,
as our virgin rivers swelled with our dead.

But some of our deeds, they still praise us for;
Like the two great wars we couldn’t ignore.
And learned we’re brothers of one human race.
Together we share this one human case.

But at home we still had our own great ills
and had to pass rights through debated bills.
But we grew up and even elected
one to prove our old ways we rejected.

But as I write in two thousand and nine,
and think of the things that are yours and mine,
I have to be glad for all that we share.
But never forget the road taken there.

We aren’t perfect, and never will be.
Though we still fight for the right to be free.


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