As the spectrum of light fills up the sky,
And I lay writing and wondering why,
I realize how lucky I am to be.
What a great gift to be able to see.

It could have happened so many more ways.
But instead, here I am, scribing my lays.
And though I do wish for much more than this,
Watching sunset is its own kind of bliss.

My heart finds some solace watching this ball.
Even in twilight, it rises so tall.
Its golden path stretches out from the sea;
From heaven itself and right up to me.

So leave me to be as I savor this sight,
And at-least, for now, I’ll dream in the night.


2 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. i cannot understate the impact of your first section, hitting home with it’s 4th line, in conveying a sense of majestic gratefulness.

    In a sense, your poetry has a softness about it, a tenderness, but on a scale of at least 93 million miles.

    i thought this poem painted a good picture of human life in the face of the sun.

  2. thanks, yeah, a lot of my summer poems focus on the sun, and how small we really are on Earth when you think about something so large, powerful, and important in our lives. I think I have some more similar works somewhere, but I’m still sorting through them all.

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