How to describe?

*Not Exactly a sonnet, but the syllable count’s there. I started out writing it as a sonnet but I ended up having a lot more to say than I could fit in just fourteen lines.*

For endless years now, we’ve tried to describe
The seas below and the clouds in the sky.
But nothing we do comes close to the truth
Of how our world’s changed, and here’s our own proof.

At first we tried to record within song,
All of the things we’ve stared at for so long.
And we tried glyphs and eventually words
To remember in stone our changing worlds.

And the poets of old thought they’d endure,
Through beautiful lays we’d know who they were.
But even the best will not last in rhyme.
Such is the way of time’s ultimate crime.

And even today we still try our best,
Through pictures and sound, we challenge the test.
But these too will fade, like the ways of old.
Life to our minds, we can’t forever mold.

Like the fading sun that rises again,
We try to record with sound, song, and pen.
But whatever we do, all our tries die,
While the sun returns to the next day sky.

Red, orange, yellow; pink, blue, bright and white,
Cannot describe this celestial light.
They only arose our thoughts of the past.
Our ideas of time, that will not long last.

But even the sun will one day be dead,
Long after these words are no longer read.
No beings, no Gods, to recall its life.
In truth, the sun, shares our untimely strife.

But as I stare at the shimmering sea,
I realize what others could never see.
That the sun is its own record of things.
By watching its light, I hear its song sing.

So if you’re worried that life’s flying by,
Just smile and stare at your childrens sky.


2 thoughts on “How to describe?

  1. i must say on behalf of myself: please post these relaxed structure sonnets.

    The ending really made the poem for me and truly conveyed a sense of ancestral continuity within a shared environment, in a world ever-changing, as you so nicely describe.

  2. thanks, i really like this poem too. i think the theme of trying to capture the moment that is always already gone is a powerful idea when you think about it. everything fades, the best you can hope for is to enjoy your time now and take solace in knowing that others will get to enjoy the same thing you do in future generations.

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