A Beach Day

*Just testing out the blog for the first time. This is one of the first poems I wrote this summer, inspired by lounging at the beach. More will be uploaded shortly.*

The sun shimmers bright, in the white streaked dome.
As those on the beach, all carelessly roam.
The sea ripples soft, as the day floats by.
While the gulls high above, sing as they fly.

Boats glide on past, barely causing a sound.
And rocks, stones, and sand, comprise the gruff ground.
And dunes on the left, and hills on the right,
While off in the distance, gray land I sight.

And a cool breeze blows, to calm the hot air,
As off on the sea, my eyes softly stare.
That warm, salty smell, fills up in my nose,
As I search for a spot, where I can doze.

This is the beach, on a hot summer’s day;
Where I can relax, and write as I lay.


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